TXTPAGE PLUS / SELECT turns your computer into a text capable cellular phone. Designed for anyone who needs to send short informative text messages to a temporary or permanent contact list.

permanent contact list

  • Save your contacts by name for quick access.
  • Send text messages to multiple recipients at one time by simply clicking their name.
  • Groups can be created easily with a single click selection.
  • Contacts can be separated in to tabbed groups
  • Store custom canned messages.
  • Restrict access to administrator functions.
  • Assignable 'Canned Message' on login.
  • Exportable message log.
  • Uploadable Contact list.
  • Send and receive text message from any SMS capable device.
  • Long messages to SMS devices are split into multiple chunks. No truncation.

temporary contact list

A simplified messaging system allowing you to easily add and remove short-term recipients. Especially useful for waiting lists.

  • Easy Setup.
  • Easy contact addition, viewing and editing. All on one page.
  • Additional information field available for each contact.
  • Store custom canned messages.
  • Can delete all contacts at the end of day.

pagers only

  • Save your contacts By name for Quick access.
  • Send pages to multiple recipients.
  • Paging Groups selection with a single click.
  • Default recipients can be specified.
  • Many, many more options.
  • And, it's free!